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Since our inception, Concierge Collective has gained a reputation for quality and professionalism in the property industry.

Often the first point of contact at your building, the front of house staff must be smart, knowledgeable, helpful and professional at all times. We hand pick all our staff members to suit the needs of each job, from a handyman/caretaker's role to a 24/7 Concierge service in a city centre apartment building, we give every instruction 100%.

Concierge Collective arose out of a need for a dedicated staffing solution to service the residential property management sector. Working with managing agents, we have gained an understanding of the needs of their clients, both from a financial perspective and also to satisfy their leasehold and freehold obligations for the provision of specific services. Contact us today to see how Concierge Collective can be your property staffing partner. 

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